The Ladies Of 'The Talk' Say Lady Gaga's Comment About Adele Was Catty

Lady Gaga has just lost some fans, namely the woman on “The Talk”.

Following on from her comments that she felt she didn’t know why people were attacking her recent weight gain because fellow singer Adele is “bigger”, the show’s moderator, Julie Chen, especially took offense, going on to imply Gaga was a b@#ch.

The shows other ladies also felt that Gaga’s comments were out of order.

Their outrage was born from the pop singer’s remarks to Stylist UK, where she talked about being attacked in the media for piling on 30 pounds.

“Adele is bigger than me — how come nobody says anything about it?” she questioned. However, she did try to redeem her comment saying that Adele is ”so wonderful and I think her confidence is something I have to match.”

A backhanded comment perhaps? What do you make of this weighty debate?

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