~Unapologetic X Factor USA contestant, CeCe Frey, on Demi Lovato and Willie Jones

The X Factor’s CeCe Frey has taken us on a rollercoaster ride so far this season. One minute we’re wondering if she’s a (gorgeous) sociopath, the next we’re writing her letters hoping she’ll be our best friend. One second, she’s a brunette with leopard spot facepaint, the next she’s a platinum blonde with Ke$ha-esque makeup residue all over her face.

The one thing that’s been consistent, though, is that we love her. Like, can’t get enough of her, wish she were shopping with us, want to be her wingman, can’t wait to buy her album, love her. So, you can imagine our excitement when she chatted with Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively at The X Factor’s Top 12 Finalist party on November 5.

How would you describe Demi as a mentor?
Demi is kind and she’s generous with her time and she’s honest and that’s all that you can hope for in a mentor. She’s very honest with me with everything. She doesn’t blow smoke up my skirt, she will tell me exactly what I need to fix, why I need to fix it and I can’t tell her ever how much I appreciate that.

What is one thing we would be surprised to learn about Demi?
God, I don’t know, I just think that not many people would expect her to be so hands-on with us. They don’t expect any of the mentors to be so hands-on and I really think that she’s the most hands-on out of all of them. We always see her, she’s always checking up on us and listening to us perform, and she really takes an active part in saying “okay, this is what we need to fix. And what do you want — what do you want as an artist?”

So you think she understands you as an artist then?
Demi definitely understands me and I think she’s gaining more and more of an understanding of me every single day.

How have you been doing since Willie (Jones)’s elimination?
Willie was seriously one of my best friends in the house. Me and Jennel would get up every morning and go find Willie and we would have breakfast or we would stay up late at night and cook fried hot dogs... yeah, so we’re eating very healthy on this show, also! No, but I mean we miss him like crazy — he was one of our best friends and he’s such a kind, nice, good soul and so we all miss him dearly but we know that we’ll see him again and that he’s got big things headed his way in the future.

Will you keep in touch after the show?
We keep in touch every single day; we’re always talking to Willie.