World War Z Preview

After a brutal summer where press around "World War Z" could not get worse as news of reshoots, rewrites, an ending that doesn't work, on set conflicts, and more spilled out, Paramount have dusted themselves off and are getting ready to (re)launch "World War Z." Can Brad Pitt save the day and this movie?

Ahead of the trailer on Thursday (mark your calendars), "Entertainment Tonight" (via Ace Showbiz) had dropped a bit of preview with enough new footage to make it worth a spin. Based on the book by Max Brooks that presents an oral history by a UN bureaucrat named Gerry Lane, who in the aftermath of the zombie war is asked to compile a complete report on the incident, it's been made pretty clear that the movie deviates heavily from the source material. It seems this picture will adopt the contemporary fast moving zombie, and holy shit, it looks like there's a ton of them. If Paramount's looking to sell spectacle, it looks like they will do the job, but whether or not Marc Forster's film (and perhaps reputation) has been salvaged remains to be seen.


Basically they decided to take the book and make it into a strange 'I Am Legend' hybrid with zombie tidal waves (seriously, what is that?!). Looks like a fail.