Disney Looks To Acquire Hasbro next?

Disney and George Lucas shocked the world last week, when they announced that Lucas had sold his LucasFilm studio, which includes the rights to Star Wars and most of its characters, to media giant. News and rumors have been pouring in as to when to expect more Star Wars related material, Disney has possibly turned their attention to buying up another company with more film and toy opportunities, Hasbro. According to MTV, Disney has been in contact with Hasbro about acquiring them. As of right now it is just talk, but the talks are serious enough that an announcement could be made at any day.

A move like this would normally take time, but Disney has been moving fast while trying to get deals done. It reportedly only took them 6 months to hammer out a deal with Lucas for LucasFilm. What also makes this interesting is that Hasbro holds the toy and table top game licenses to already owned Marvel, and newly bought Star Wars.

What that means for movies, is likely to be the same for the way it has worked with Marvel. Really the only active movie franchises that Hasbro has going right now is G.I. Joe and Transformers, both of which are parked at Paramount. MTV's report states that Disney could easily change that.

As of right now none of this is concrete it is only rumored. So make sure you take this info with a grain of salt. With Disney looking to buy Hasbro it looks as if they are trying to put a strangle hold on not only theme park and movie world, but the toy world as well.