Angela Lansbury: I'm A Democrat, And I'm Voting For President Obama

It should be noted that Angela was also listed as a Republican on, which still turns up with a simple Google search,but has obviously now been edited due to this recent declaration. Here she is speaking with James Earl Jones, a Republican:

On Sunday, Angela Lansbury was the guest of honor at The Players’ Pipe Night honoring Audra McDonald. Of course, the topic of the election came up.

“There is one thing I would like to say about that,” said the normally even-tempered 87-year-old, becoming indignant. “It has been erroneously reported that I am a Republican! I am not a Republican.”

While I could find no mainstream outlets calling her a GOPer, this page does come up first when you Google “Angela Lansbury Republican.”

“It’s all over the Internet and It’s bizarre,” continued Lansbury, best remembered as Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote. “I’m a huge Obama fan. I’ve already voted for him by absentee ballot. I am Democrat from the ground up.”