Digital Spy's Ten Teasers for Episode 8 of Downton Abbey

Lady Mary invites you into the post.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Things aren't looking good for Thomas in Downton Abbey, are they? And in the next episode - which just happens to be the finale, so get ready to feel bereft when it's over - things look like they might get even worse for everyone's favorite evil staff member.

Here at Digital Spy we've had a little sneaky peek at the episode. Now obviously we don't want to give too much away, but read on to get some hints about what you can expect from the final extra-long installment of Downton action this series...

Downton Abbey - Season 3 Episode 8

1. Thomas is in a very serious situation indeed... but he'll get some help from a very unlikely ally (who may then come to regret offering their support). [I think this is going to be Bates, right?]

2. Lady Edith discovers something concerning about her editor. [HMMM... Maybe that he wants to publish something re: Pamuk?]

3. What's Matthew talking about when he says: "It's like the Outer Circle from Dante's Inferno"? [LOL. I think it's the nightclub. But the outer circle is ancient philosophers and unbaptized infants (moral heathens), so... unless this is a very odd nightclub, Matthew needs to brush on on his Dante.]

4. Ethel doesn't really want to leave Isobel - despite Violet's best efforts. Can anything - or anyone - change her mind? [Isobel is her safety net, but gurl, people in the village aren't going to stop being awful to you any time soon.]

5. "So now we can start ****** ******." [I'm shit at deciphering these.]

6. O'Brien is in proper evil mode, but three little words are going to absolutely terrify her. [No idea what this is about.]

7. Tom makes a decision about baby Sybil's future. [A lot of people on tumblr think that this means that Tom is going to give Sybil to Mary and Matthew, but... I am really skeptical about that.]

8. Lady Mary is keeping a secret... from Matthew. [Secret doctor's appointments!]

9. Robert is still furious about Tom and Matthew's plans for the estate. In fact, he has other ideas - involving some investor guy called Charles Ponzi. Um... [Keep on flopping, Robert!]

10. Alfred does something drastic to "stand up against evil" (oo-er), which could get someone else in serious trouble. [Huh... Is he going to turn Thomas in to the police?]