LOTUS: Album preview

Listen to a 25 second preview of each song that are in tracklist order:

1. Lotus
2. Army of Me
3. Red Hot Kinda Love
4. Make The World Move (feat. CeeLo Green)
5. Your Body
6. Let There Be Love
7. Sing For Me
8. Blank Page
9. Cease Fire
10. Arround The World
11. Circles [Explicit]
12. Best Of Me
13. Just a Fool (feat. Blake Shelton)
14. Light Up The Sky
15. Empty Words
16. Shut Up
17. Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)

FYI in case you want to listen to every song individually or if the youtube is taken down listen HERE

Personally I am LOVING what I hear, but don't let a bandwagon mentality warp your perceptions like with Bionic, take a listen for yourself. ^_^