Lots More Promo Pictures for Downton 3x08

Lady Mary hopes you appreciates the fact that I uploaded these pictures because it took me FOREVER because imgur was not cooperating with me.

PUKING RAINBOWS AT MARY AND MATTHEW WITH BABY SYBIL. Give them a baby, Fellowes!!! I demand it!

Is that Thomas that Matthew is patting on the back?????

Hee! This is really cute! It looks like Mary is giving Matthew a kiss for good luck before he goes up to bat, maybe.

Ngl, I am looking forward to stuffy Mr. Carson playing cricket.

I've posted a variation on this before, but whatever. She looks perfect and regal so I'm posting it again.

Awww! Kiss!!!!!!

A higher quality version of a picture that I've posted before, but FRECKLES!!!! So I had to repost.


Looks like we're in for a thrilling home decorating storyline with Anna and Bates.

I can already tell that this subplot is going to be ~amazing.

Anna and Bates paint a cottage. Storyline of the century!

LMAO. I can't @ Matthew's face with Branson ranting in the foreground.

Perhaps Branson needed some liquid courage for what he was about to say in his rant?

More of Matthew's dumb face.

Not sure if I trust Mr. Editor's intentions. Hm...

I am really liking Rosamund's outfit here. I think this image is from Rosamund's house?

This has to be from a different day because Rosamund is wearing a different outfit.

I am just posting this because of Mary and Matthew off to the side, tbh. MARRRRYYYY!!!!

I am really not into what Rose is wearing. It seems a bit twee.

Edith looks pretty cute at least.

I've posted a variation on this pic before, but whatever. Mary is qt, so I'm posting it again.

Lawd, Rose is already annoying me just from these promo pictures.

Yay nightclub expedition? Idk if you can tell since I resized it, but you can see Matthew, Edith and Rosamund entering the club in the background.

Idk. Something about Rose just seems a bit obnoxious. I do not foresee myself being charmed by her.

I'm guessing Matthew and Rose are getting up to dance? IDK.

People on tumblr are flipping out over this, thinking that Matthew is going to cheat on Mary, but I just don't think he looks all that thrilled or enamored in this picture, so...

Edith and Rosamund at the nightclub. Woo. I'm not really feeling Edith's outfit here. And Rosamund looks hilarious out of place at a 20s nightclub.

Something is shocking!!! Idk. Maybe this is Edith and company crashing Rose's party?

Scandalous! Who is this guy and why is Rose making out with him?

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There are a few more pictures at the sources, but uh, I couldn't be bothered to upload them. Imgur was seriously being a dick today.