MCR's Conventional Weapons #1 Released

Number One

The first of the CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS series is out now and available in the official My Chemical Romance Store, individually or as part of the CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS Box Set. Digital downloads will be available in retailers like iTunes or Amazon.

Review: My Chemical Romance - 'Boy Division' and 'Tomorrow's Money' [Single(s)]
Warner Music Group // "...these songs are time capsules that shed a little light on where and how Danger Days came from..."

Blimey time creeps up fast. The news that My Chemical Romance were going to be releasing the near album’s worth of scrapped material that they’ve deemed Conventional Weapons was a big deal. They said they never would, they lost their drummer (Bob Bryar) while recording this and then went on to release the storming day-glow dancehall punk that was Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, but in a message from Frank Iero on the bands site we learnt that they were to release two previously unheard songs every month from October till February making the ten song set that is Conventional Weapons. The first two are here and as Frank says best himself these songs are time capsules that shed a little light on where and how Danger Days came from and possibly where the future of My Chemical Romance might be headed.

The A side here is the rowdy fist pumping ‘Boy Division’ that comes at you faster than a bullet. It’s cocky old school MCR rock and roll more akin to anything on Three Cheers than their newer material. It’s a frenzied attack of the most infectious kind and you’ll be screaming right along with Gerard Way before you know it.
Lyrically it’s a charming deluge of hatred and a cry for help: “I buy my enemies rope to hang me and the knives to gang me, you can watch them stab me on your television.” You can see them stepping away from the paradigmatic world of The Black Parade and everything it entailed and going back to the raucous basics that we saw plenty of on Danger Days. My Chemical Romance are never better than when they’re playing fast, hard, punky rhythms and that’s exactly what ‘Boy Division’ offers.

If you flip your record over you’ll hear the groaning current of ‘Tomorrow’s Money’ which sees the boys progress further into their disillusionment with both themselves and society: “Put on your smile for the good times, you’re loaded up with the fame, you’re dressing up like a virus, but the words get lost when we all look the same.” Gerard spits the words out of his mouth like dirty thoughts; it’s a twitchy track that’s constantly barrelling forth at you for all your sins. Ray Toro gets to flex his riffing muscles here as he gives the song a classic scuzzy rock bite that’s the riptide to the upturned ocean bed of the track that is the punchy drumming and gyrating bass line. Once again it’s an addictive song that hits the spot My Chemical Romance consistently used to.

If this is any indication of their future then I for one am happy to get reacquainted with my cut off skeleton gloves. Until then though you’ll have to make do with two more tracks; ‘Ambulance’ and B side ‘Gun’ coming at you on November 23rd.

'Boy Division' and 'Tomorrow's Money' are out October 30th on Warner.

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