Two singers who don't care what you think together.


Adele is reportedly Christina Aguilera's "weight mentor".

The American singer has suffered a lot of cruel taunts about her figure recently, after seemingly putting on some pounds. Christina is happy with her womanly shape but some industry figures have criticised her and accused her of letting herself go.

British star Adele is famed for her full figure and has reportedly been on hand to support Christina.

"Now Adele has become Christina's secret weight mentor, calling her regularly to dish on dieting horror stories and offer advice on clothes that best flatter the fuller figure," an insider told National Enquirer. "She's really helped Christina improve her self-esteem."

Christina, 31, is believed to be in awe of how 24-year-old Adele handles comments about her figure. Rather than bowing to pressure to diet Adele has embraced her shape and looked stunning in black at the Grammy Awards earlier this year. It was reportedly that appearance which inspired Christina to stay true to herself and ditch the diet.

"Christina is one of Adele's very few Hollywood friends," the insider explained. "They joke all the time about how they're forming a fat girls singing club to support other musicians with weight issues. They're a match made in diva heaven!"