Couples Therapy Insiders Concerned Over How Doug Hutchison Is Handling Courtney Stodden's Relationsh


Courtney Stodden’s 52-year-old husband Doug Hutchison was clearly emotional when his Teen Bride spoke about a relationship with an old flame, and his deeply felt pain became a concern for everyone on his reality show, is exclusively reporting.

While Doug and Courtney were filming Couples Therapy she spoke openly about her high school boyfriend with whom she is still talking and show insiders say they are concerned about how her husband is handling his wife’s relationship with her ex.

“Doug seems like he is worried about Courtney leaving him, and he gets really upset whenever he thinks about the possibility of his marriage ending,” the source says.

"He had real difficulty dealing with Courtney not being able to sleep at the house during filming of the show, and was freaked out by her not being there with him constantly. It's like he is terrified of her spending any time away from him -- he appears to be very insecure about their relationship and the possibility of her leaving him.

“Everyone thinks that Doug would be crushed if Courtney were ever to leave him for a younger guy, and everyone is really worried about how he would handle that situation should it arise.” the source said.

As previously reported, the Teen Bride’s husband had a tumultuous relationship with the other people in the house throughout filming, especially founder Nik Richie.