Wilson Take Their Relationship To The Next Stage: The Bedroom; Gabi Pregnoid?!

WIlson start to get it on, and then stupid homophobic Lucas barges in! Someone call Kristen DiMera to take this prick out and dump the body!

Here's what happened today, including the start of consummation. . . Nick's anti-Wilson due to what he witnessed going down in the pen.

Lucas wants to know if Wilson's had sex; Will asks Sonny how many guys he's slept with (barista whore), and Gabi is pregnoid with Will's love hate bb?! A gay wedding?

So basically what I have concluded from the spoilers is that Sonny and Will are getting hot and Heavy and Lucas walks in then Will runs off to see his Grandma Caroline that leaves Sonny and Lucas alone and that's where the arguments starts cause Lucas wants to know if they have had sex. Then Lucas tells Will he thinks Sonny is using him for sex and wants to know how well he really knows his boyfriend. So Will questions Sonny about how many men he's been with? So of course Sonny is hurt and puts the breaks on their intimacy..

So Brendan Coughlin the guy that plays T had a interview last night and didn't quite confirm a #wabi pregnancy but he did say "we're in the right ball park if we think she's pregnant " but he also indicates that Nick is not going to be a good guy coming up. He also said he taped scenes yesterday with Sonny and Will and they're taping Valenties Day as we speak. He didn't say if #wilson is still together or not. Blake Berris who plays Nick also did a interview last night and he said Nick isn't homophobic but became rather religious while being in prison based off the stuff he saw behind the prison doors. (so he's homophobic) Blake also said lots of story coming up with #wilson

A wedding is coming up, and gays and straights will cross, as revealed by Bill and Susan Hayes (Doug & Julie) in a recent podcast interview!