Guess who we met?!


HBIC Robyn Lively! A girlfriend of mine & I went to a screening of "Teen Witch" last night that included live comedian commentary for obvious reasons. If you haven't seen it by now, you should really reconsider many of your life choices. Needless to say, we know the film by heart (soundtrack lyrics included)  and recited every word throughout. We were shocked to find that Louise Miller herself, Robyn Lively, was also in attendance. She came out on stage after the film to everyone's surprise. As we all gave her a much-deserved standing ovation, her husband proceeded to tell my friend & I that we were her favorite part of the night's event and that she was dying to meet us. We talked to Robyn about how the film was an imperative piece of our childhood & has remained a campy mainstay in our lives. She said she almost enjoyed watching us reenact the film in our seats over seeing the film again. She also revealed that despite being still mortified by the film today, her family has always loved it, leading her to reenact the below epic final sequence at the wedding reception for her younger sister, Blake, and one Ryan Reynolds! She was a total sweetheart & completely made our evening! TOP THAT!

Sadly, Robyn also revealed she is no longer in touch with the film's all-star rap brigade.