She Is Unhappy and She Wants Out

[Blind Gossip] This famous star is terribly unhappy right now. Her personal life is one source of disappointment. She knows that her partner is not really in love with her. She is also very sad that a past love is in a committed relationship with someone else. She knows that she wasn’t an innocent party in that breakup, but it still hurts her that he moved on.

She is also not enjoying her job, and wants to get out of her contract. Her management team is telling her that she must stick it out for the season or else no one else will want to hire her.

Although she smiles in public and everything looks together on the outside, she is actually quite depressed and disconnected. Around friends and family, she has even started talking about herself in the third person. She lamented to one friend. “I don’t even want to be [Jane Doe] anymore. [Jane Doe]’s life doesn’t belong to her anymore.”

Past Love:

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