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Revenge’s Madeleine Stowe Appears on The View, Turns Talk to Women’s Rights
about 11 hours ago by Rachel McRady

What happens when you pit Victoria Grayson against the five dominant women on The View? Obviously Vicki trumps. In the course of the five minute interview, actress Madeleine Stowe manages to touch on her powerful Revenge character, her political stance on the contraception ban in Virginia, and her husband’s love of cross dressing. 

It’s obvious that Madeleine is phenomenal as Victoria Grayson, but the majority of her interviews tend to feature the actress moving the spotlight from her to other topics close to her heart. She’s spent a lot of time volunteering in Haiti, and with politics being in the forefront of the news cycle these days, Maddie has plenty to talk about. 
About two minutes into her interview, the 54-year-old effortlessly transitions from talking about Victoria Grayson to touching on her current contraception fight in Virginia. 
“What I’m striking against is that women will not have access to normal means of contraception,” Madeleine said. “And that’s really, really terrible. It’s counterintuitive.”
We also love how informed she is on the topic of abortion. When Joy Behar tries to tell her that a certain law hasn’t passed, Madeleine politely informs her that it has passed and is currently in effect. 
And as soon as she’s said her piece about politics, Madeleine flips the switch and lovingly talks about her husband, Private Practice star Brian Benben. Apparently the 56-year-old actor likes to dress up as different “queens” (Victoria, Elizabeth, etc)! The conversation raised some eyebrows, specifically from Barbara Walters, but Madeleine just laughed it off with ease. 

Madeleine Stowe Wants Revenge
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