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Possible Downton Abbey Movie in the Future?

HIT drama Downton Abbey could be heading to cinema screens after cast members revealed plans to turn it into a Hollywood movie.

The worldwide phenomenon was originally ­­ supposed to finish after the third ­series, currently showing on ITV1.

But cast members now believe a fourth series will be commissioned, before the Crawley family’s story ­concludes with a feature film.

A show source said: “Hollywood bosses are especially keen to make a film adaption due to the show’s success in America.

“A fourth series is now 99% certain but the worry is ­leading cast members will soon leave and follow film ­careers to capitalise on their new-found fame.

“One option is to conclude the drama with a feature film after series four, which would be a huge box office hit.

“It would end the show on a high and then free up the cast to pursue Hollywood careers.”

Show writer Julian Fellowes, 63, is said to be open to the idea but wants to keep the same team which produces the TV series.

Hugh Bonneville, 48, who plays Lord Grantham, ­confirmed possible plans ­saying: “A feature film could certainly be one way of ­concluding the series while it is still at its peak. It is hugely popular all around the world, so anything is possible.”

Brendan Coyle, 48, who plays jailed Mr Bates, added: “Julian already has an Oscar for Gosford Park, so why not?

“Downton is, to some extent, Gosford Park the TV show.

“It would be interesting. It would complete a nice circle from Gosford Park.

“Downton is not a novel adaptation, it is open-ended so that enables Julian to do what he wants with it.”

The record-breaking drama has become a massive hit across the globe. It has been sold to more than 100 countries since first airing in the UK in September 2010.

It has also won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and nine Emmy Awards.


How legit is the Daily Star? I don't think it's super legit. But I like this idea. I think one more series + a feature film would be a perfect way to wrap up the show. And then Queen Michelle will be free to take over Hollywood like she is destined to do.
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