FLOTUS Reveals Some Of Her Guilty Pleasures on Kelly and Michael

While Michelle Obama might be the First Lady of our country, she still likes to do what regular people do!

The beautiful Mrs. Obama sat down at “Live with Kelly and Michael” to talk about some of her own guilty pleasures, which includes junk food and reality television!

Michelle revealed to the hosts that she loves french fries, as well as watching Bravo's Real Housewives on TV.

Michael even went as far as to ask her if she prefers the president in boxers or briefs!

She replied:

“Um, none of the above. No, I’m just kidding."

Oh my!

She also revealed that she carries around purses with nothing in them strictly for fashionable reasons:

"There's nothing in my purse. I get teased for having a purse with nothing in it. As First Lady — no money, no keys, nothing. I look to 22-year-olds for my life. I have to find stuff to put in my purse."

At the end of the interview she made sure to say how she feels about Obama and his campaign so far:

“I am always proud of my husband."

We can't get enough of Mrs. Obama! She is still a regular person like most of us!