One Direction's young fans devastated after learning they won't meet band

Six months ago, fans of One Direction bought tickets for their concert in Hershey and those lucky enough were able to get meet and greet tickets. But earlier this month they were told that the meet and greet wasn’t going to happen.

CBS 21 spoke with two girls who spent months raising money by babysitting, doing chores and getting good grades in order to get enough money to go see their favorite band at Hersheypark Stadium. Now, they feel like they won’t have get the opportunity to meet the band because their meet and greet tickets won’t get them backstage with the band.

Six months ago, tickets went on sale for the One Direction concert at Hersheypark Arena and One Direction fans from all across the Northeast tried their luck at buying tickets.

“I was like oh my God, I got the ultimate VIP packages,” gushed One Direction fan Amanda Morris.

“It’s not easy as every fan of One Direction knows to get the tickets in the first place, so when you get them, it doesn’t really matter the extent or degree of what the ticket is just as long as you have them you’re happy,” added fellow 1D fan Jaelyn Swisher.

Amanda Morris and her best friend Jaelyn Swisher got the best tickets available which included a meet and greet with the band, but earlier this month they were told that the meet and greet would not happen.

“It felt like my life got taken away, I couldn’t believe it,” Morris commented. “My heart literally broke.”

Hersheypark made an error, selling all VIP tickets as meet and greets when only a select few were. Now 135 fans have been told they won’t get to meet the band.

The fans get to keep their tickets for the concert and were refunded 180 dollars and given free tickets to Hersheypark for the mistake. But they still say it feels like something was taken from them.

“It would be devastating to see the other girls get ushered back to meet them when we knew we had the chance,” Swisher told us. [Video here]

Now the fans who lost the meet and greet are joining together to try and fix this situation by contacting the band.

“We’re just trying to reach out to them and tell them because we think that if they know they would try and do something about this because they say they care about us so much and we know they would try and do something,” Morris continued.

The fans have started a Facebook page and an online petition to help them get their meet and greets back.

“Even though all their fans always tell them how much they love them and what they do for them in life, just to be able to be face-to-face with them and explain that would be a life changing moment,” Swisher concluded.

We looked to see if we could find any meet and greet tickets for sale online for the concert at Hersheypark and the only place we could find them are on eBay for more than $3,000 a piece.