PETA for Halloween: Go Vegan, you cannibals

Sharon Needles: A lot of Americans are cannibals.

You wouldn't eat a human, so why eat meat?

From PETA's website:

With the public's obsession with zombies at an all-time high, PETA is launching its first-ever Halloween ad campaign targeting flesh-eaters, with the message that animals, like humans, are made of flesh, blood, and bones.

The ad's star, Sharon Needles—winner of RuPaul's Drag Race and host of the Logo horror series FEARce!—asks people, "If gnawing on flesh turns your stomach, why not go veg?"

Sharon's new zombie poster will be plastered across New York City leading up to Halloween and will appear on the websites of some of the country's most popular haunted houses, including the trendy Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. PETA members will also hand out postcards bearing the ghoulish artwork to the throngs who line up outside haunted houses across the country.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot and learn why Sharon, despite her macabre persona, believes that "dead things should be buried and not eaten."

Some people go vegan after looking an animal in the eye and realizing that there's a "who," not a "what," looking back. Others avoid meat, eggs, and dairy foods to ditch unwanted pounds or because they want to help the environment.

If the idea of eating flesh leaves a bad taste in your mouth, take PETA's 30-Day Pledge to Go Veg today! You can also snag your own fridge magnet featuring Sharon's ad by visiting the PETA Catalog.

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"The campaign I'm donating my rotten face for is 'Dead things should be buried, not eaten,'" Needles said during a behind-the-scenes interview. "Being a vegetarian, it kind of shows how gory it is to see ripped off arms and ripped off hands of people of our own species. But I think it brings a campy, disturbing and grotesque realization to the fact that that's how animals are being treated, especially in commercial farming."

PETA's Halloween ad echoes the ghoulishness of stories from recent news headlines. "Like the bath-salt zombie in Florida and Luka Magnotta the Canada cannibal, there's been a lot of focus on cannibalism," Needles says. "Which is funny, because if you treat all creatures the same, then a lot of Americans are cannibals."

Cannibalism is also a running theme in pop culture these days, and PETA is capitalizing on the trend.

PETA is currently in talks with Logo to air a TV component to Needles' flesh-eating ad during the network's new horror series "Fearce!," hosted by Needles himself. The series premieres Nov. 1.

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