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Iron Man to join Guardians of Galaxy?!

Are you ready to go cosmic with writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Steve McNiven? The superstar team will be reaching for the stars, headlining the brand new Marvel NOW! series GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Spinning out of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, the Guardians roster consists of Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora, and Iron Man.

Wait, Iron Man?

Yup, Tony Stark will be joining the team to fight alien evil and maybe start some out of this world romance. Just in time for 2014’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie, hop on board, because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Marvel.com: Brian, Steve, you guys have been working on GUARDIANS for a really long time. When did it first start, and how did it come about?

Brian Michael Bendis: I work with the Marvel Creative Committee on the movies, and this is one of the projects that we’ve been helping out with since the beginning. So, in the context of that, I was doing a lot of re-reading and research, and research of course means reading a lot of comics! I’d read all the [Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning] stuff, and I’d read a bunch of the older stuff. Just as a fan, just as reading, not as a writer thinking about the characters much or anything.

We were talking about the characters, what they want and their reliability. I dug up some of their origin stories, particularly Peter Quill’s origin story, which as I tweeted recently I had come across, and decided that it was, for my money, as good as Superman or Spider-man’s origin—it was just no one knew it! It was literally a two-page story in MARVEL PREMIERE about 34 years ago, and I just really really liked it. As the movie was getting closer, and more drafts were coming in, they called me and said “Listen, you were so excited during the Guardians movie calls, we need to get this book back in the public eye. We really want to make it more a part of the Marvel Universe.”

Sometimes the cosmic books are in their own little corner—and sometimes that’s charming, but it’s a lot of the reason that they don’t have a bigger audience. I had voiced how cool it would be, and how easy it would be, to guide them closer to the center of the Marvel universe, to be almost part of the Avengers franchise instead of off on their own. I was talking about it as a fan, more just like what I’d like to see, and then they called and said that they really want to do this book, how about you and someone like Steve McNiven? Steve and I worked together years ago on NEW AVENGERS, and I was just waiting patiently for my turn to work with him again. And I said, “I’ll tell you what, if you get Steve McNiven, I’ll do it.” And they did.

Steve McNiven: I was talking to the folks at Marvel about my next project and they were very excited about having me do GUARDIANS. When I heard the pitch and that Brian was writing it I was sold!

Brian Michael Bendis: If we’re bringing back GUARDIANS and Marvel really puts their best foot forward and lets us go crazy with it, it could really be something special and something surprising. And now that people know that there’s a movie coming, I think people are going to be interested in seeing what the deal is with these characters. They hadn’t read them before, they’ve only seen them here and there, but now we’re going to be able to dig in and really show you what’s special about them, specifically before people see the movie, and that’s kind of cool.

Marvel.com: So what is cool about them? Steve, I’m curious to hear your perspective...

Steve McNiven: Well for me it's the chance to do some space stuff, something I haven't gotten the chance to do yet. It's a part of the Marvel Universe that is very attractive to me as I'm an avid science fiction reader. Everyone should go out and pick up one of Alastair Reynolds novels right now!

Marvel.com: Brian, back to you. The two-page Peter Quill story that you were talking about, is that something you’re going to be revisiting and expanding for MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE?

Brian Michael Bendis: That’s exactly what the Point One issue is. Much like I took the 15-page AMAZING FANTASY #15 Spider-Man origin and I expanded it cinematically or just more dramatically into the first few issues of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, it’s a double-sized Point One issue that is the origin of Peter Quill. It’s that two pages blown up to over 30 pages. I was literally writing it for myself; I wasn’t even sure what it was for, other than to express to myself how much I care about this character. And then I handed it in to Marvel. It was weird because no one had asked me to write it, and yet I just wrote it up and handed it to everyone and I said, I think we should do this.

We’re not starting the Guardians over from scratch, but this origin story says everything you’d ever need to know about why you would care about Peter—and nobody knows this story! I told this story on the Marvel retreat, his origin story, and even Dan Slott didn’t know it, that’s how esoteric it is! So I wrote it almost like a spec script, just trying it out and trying to get a feel for the character, and it ended up being the first issue that McNiven and I are doing.

Iron Man
Marvel.com: I re-read AVENGERS ASSEMBLE just before chatting with you guys, and knowing what I know now, it almost functions as a back door pilot for a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series. There are a lot of teases going on there...

Brian Michael Bendis: By the time I was writing that, I knew I was writing the GUARDIANS series. Remember that episode of “Welcome Back Kotter” when it was all about Horshack’s family? It was kind of one of those kind of deals. So I got to tease, and I got to set up, and I got to re-establish their relationship with Marvel in general. Some of these characters know each other; they’ve known each other for a long time. But they just don’t see each other a lot. In the most conniving way, when you see that Thor and Iron Man like the Guardians, some of the audience goes, okay, I guess it’s cool to like the Guardians. But they do, so it’s not like you’re pulling it out of thin air or anything.

Marvel.com: This is jumping ahead a little bit, but the biggest shock is probably finding Iron Man on the team, yet getting back to AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, you have him pretty much straight out saying what’s going to happen. I’m paraphrasing, but there’s a bit in issue #7, I think, where he’s in space, and says, “Man I really like space, I wish I could live in space!”

Brian Michael Bendis: It’s more about that he’s a futurist, and he’s an explorer, and he’s a scientist, and an adventurer. You could certainty see Tony getting to a place in his mind where number one, he needs a vacation more than anyone on the planet. But number two, more like a working vacation, and thinking, you know what, I kind of hit a ceiling with my technology. I want to go out and explore some new stuff and see things from a new perspective, and really look at the Earth from a new perspective, and come back and see if that doesn’t help him break past whatever ceiling he’s hit with his work.

And plus, we’re going to have some fun with Tony trying to live out his William Shatner/Captain Kirk space-girl fantasies. So Tony will come out here to be part of the Guardians, to explore the ideas that the Guardians had put in his head during AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, that the Earth is a very important part of the cosmic civilization for the next generation. So Tony literally needs to go out and look at it from their point of view to see what he can do to help. And so he gets to have space adventures, he gets to live the William Shatner/Captain Kirk, he gets to explore, he gets to invent, and Tony gets to see the world from a different perspective.

When Tony’s with the Avengers, he’s always top dog, alpha male, he’s always kind of in charge. Here, he’s going to be a fish way out of water. Even though he’s been to outer space a few times, this is living in outer space, which is a completely different thing. And basically living on a pirate ship!

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What do you think ONTD? Personally, I am going to go with do not want.
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