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Only minutes after she was honoured among top entertainers during the glamorous Golden Mic Awards held at Florida 2000, Nairobi, on Saturday night, Mombasa-based showbiz promoter broke her ‘golden’ gong and wailed over it like a perturbed infant.

The beauty queen had just accepted the coveted award and joined other celebrities for the after-party when the marble-molded trophy slipped off her hands, and smashed on the ground, breaking into pieces.

The embarrassment got Beyonce crying uncontrollably even as other celebrities tried to sooth her. It took the effort of the Florida 2000 management to stop the drama after they presented her with another trophy. Earlier in the night Beyonce had snubbed Ogopa Deejays star Mustapha after he attempted to peck her lips before the crowd.

Mustapha had been called the to the podium to receive a recognition award when he asked the bootylicious promoter to join him in celebration. The gorgeously dressed promoter strutted her way to the stage where Mustapha dramatically received her with open arms. A minute on, the Kupe hitmaker started cuddling her and even attempted to peck her on the lips, a move that rubbed Beyonce the wrong way.

In protest, she left the stage leaving Mustapha startled and dejected. The event was sponsored by the Music Copyright Society of Kenya and Coca Cola among others. Ogopa Deejays artiste manager Emmanuel Banda, DNA, Juliani, Ringtone, Kenzo and Kingsting were among those awarded.


Is this real life?  If this even happened, god forbid someone feel bad for breaking something.
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