Russell Crowe splits from Aussie singer Danielle Spencer


Insiders blamed the Gladiator star’s hellish workload on their nine-year union ending.

The couple are said to have walked away on ‘friendly terms’ after becoming the latest big Hollywood couple to lose their way this year.

Spencer is said to be looking after their two boys, Charles and Tennyson, aged eight and six, while Crowe shoots his biblical epic Noah.

The move came after the 48-year-old struggled to be at home in Oz this year after working on six films: Man With The Iron Fists, Les Miserables,‘Broken City, Man of Steel, Noah and Winter’s Tale.

Two years ago, Crowe hinted he would walk away from Hollywood completely in a bid to put more time in with the family. At the time the gruff star explained: ‘I want to take a step back and put a normal rhythm back into the kids’ lives. I don’t want to get on a plane again this year.’

The pair tied the knot in a purpose-built chapel at Crowe’s farm in New South Wales in 2003.

Russell admitted he first set eyes on the 43-year-old blonde 22 years ago on the set of The Crossing.
He decided to pursue her after his romance in 2000 with Proof of Life co-star, Meg Ryan, flopped.
The Oscar winner is worth an estimated £40million but it's unknown if the couple signed a pre-nup.
The break-up puts them on this year’s scrapheap of big Hollywood couples that include Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. Crowe’s spokesman could not be reached.