Todd (kydeon) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

X Factor purity ring virgin Jahmene wants to hook up with lesbian Jade

The good Christian also revealed he won't sing songs with "swear words".

Handsome Christian chap & Nicole Scherzinger's act Jahmene Douglas has revealed he’s got an X Factor crush, on lesbian Jade Ellis! The 20-year-old told us:

“If I could hook up with anyone, it would be Jade… if she wasn’t a lesbian, of course!”

Speaking to press backstage at the show’s studios earlier this week, Jahmene revealed he was still a virgin.

“They’re quite young aren’t they? They’re either a lesbian or too young,” he said about the girls in the competition. “I think a lot of female attention goes over my head, because I don’t find myself worthy enough really.

I’m just waiting for that one, that’s why I’m wearing a purity ring. [Because] I’m not married.”

Jahmene also revealed he was refusing to sing any tracks that he saw as “degrading to women”.

“Anything degrading to women or [with] swearing [I won't sing],” he said.

“I can’t see what’s around in the charts for children… I think a lot of people are yearning for that soul back.”

Tags: british celebrities, nicole scherzinger / pussycat dolls, x factor (uk / international)
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