Scoop from #Lotus listening party

Lotus is due out November 13th, but you don’t have to wait that long for more details because I got an exclusive first listen!

The listening party was at an amazing estate in Santa Monica, called “House of Rock” – it even had a recording studio on the top floor. Anyways, she was sweet and you could tell she was very excited to play her new music. Christina talked a lot about how she’s been through a lot since her last album. She mentioned The Voice and talked about how special it was to mentor aspiring singers on the show.

So let’s get to it, here’s a little preview of my favorite songs I heard from Lotus:

Make The World Move – this one features Cee-Lo Green, and she did say his part in the song was just kind of made for him. As you’d expect from Cee-Lo, this song is upbeat, soulful, all around fun.

Let There Be Love – One of my faves on the album, this is a dance track and another she did with Max Martin. In fact, she said he calls them “Team Martina.” (Or was it “Maxtina”? You get the idea.)

Sing For Me – Really pretty. Describing this song, she gave a shout out to her fans and said this is almost an anti-bullying anthem.

Blank Page – Slower song she worked on with Sia. She said how happy she was to see Sia getting more mainstream attention. The vocals on this one are amazing, classic Christina.

Cease Fire – this is a song she did with Alex Da Kid, and she talked about his work with Eminem. I could definitely hear the influences here, the song is edgy and full of fire. “I’m a risk-taker,” she said, adding that controversy “always seems to follow me. It’s just the way is.”

Circles – oh man, this is a fun song. It’s a big sounding song with sassy lyrics and those giant Christina vocals. She described it as a song for the haters. Like “Fighter” but “think more tongue-in-cheek.” She giggles at the end and it’s adorable.

Just A Fool – Another cool duet, this one is with Blake Shelton. She spoke very highly of Blake and said he has such a huge heart. She told us how emotional he gets over his team on The Voice, and how much he cares. This song is a little bit country and a little bit soul. It’s very pretty and emotional.

She decided to save a couple of surprises for when Lotus actually comes out, so we’ll get to hear them on November 13th. I can say this, if you’re a big XTina fan, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with Lotus.

Source: BOW @ AMP Radio