An ONTD Original: Justin Bieber's Scandal is just a PR Stunt?

Justin Bieber's music video for Beauty and a Beat is supposed to premiere later on today. VEVO posted a thumbnail of the video, currently set to private:

As we all know, the Biebs had some "things stolen" from him a few days ago. A twitter account popped up by the name of gexwy, that began to threaten him with footage. Nothing scandalous was leaked at all. But the twitter account claimed to be leaking damaging footage today at NOON:

HOWEVER, just yesterday, a P*r*zHilt*n post appeared with what was claimed to be a clip of the "scandalous footage" set to surface today. (watch HERE). This clip seems to look familiar in nature to the location in the thumbnail above. Justin is wearing the same black tank, and is inside of the pool he is standing in front of in the photo.

ALSO, both Biebs & Nicki tweeted this:

so. Was this a horrible publicity stunt for Beauty and a Beat? Probably.

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