Spot-a-Celebrity: Watch a Supercut of Law & Order's Famous-Faced Guest Stars

If you like your legal system served up celebrity-style (not to mention with a "chung, chung" from time to time) then Slacktory's latest supercut is for you: Celeb cameos on celeb cameos, all courtesy of Law & Order's trusty, dusty courtrooms.

Julia Roberts! Khloe Kardashian Odom! Samuel L. Jackson! Chevy Chase! Serena Williams! John Stamos! Claire Danes! Jennifer Garner! Bradley Cooper! Ludacris! Jennifer Love Hewitt! And Mischa Barton as a tough-talking (is that a faux-Boston accent tingling our ears?) prostitute. Girl, no matter what grisly crime was committed, that leopard jacket makes you definitely guilty.