Blind Item Time!

What male singer from a reality show who can't quite get out of the closet because he thinks it might affect his non-existent career or popularity which has never come close to matching the expectations that were thrust upon him at one time had a nasty fight with his former lover who is openly gay and also a singer. The former lover was tired of being a down low hookup and is frustrated because our singer calls all the time and complains about how he is not happy in his life but refuses to do anything about it. The former lover hung up on the singer and told him to call when he was ready to be honest with himself and others.

Popular Guesses: Barely a blind, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

Blind Gossip
Which troubled pop star flew to Las Vegas on the pretense of business, but really hit Sin City with the hopes of reuniting with her first true love? The only hitch is that the famous exes are both engaged – to other people!
Popular Guesses: Stinky and Pinky (doubt it but would not complain)

Blind Gossip
This R&B diva is usually in control, but the 40-something star is going through some heavy emotional turmoil. She’s just learned a weight-loss company is about to drop her as a spokesperson and her family has all but turned their backs on her. Who is she?
Popular Guess: Sorry Miss Jackson

Blind Gossip
On Watch What Happens Live last night, one of the guests was Andrew McCarthy, who starred in classic teen films like Less Than Zero and St. Elmo’s Fire. Andy Cohen peppered him with a series of questions about The Brat Pack. A couple of the questions had vague, intriguing answers. Let’s see if you can figure them out.

Andy Cohen: Did you date any of [your Brat Pack costars]?
Andrew McCarthy: Umm… dating’s a funny term…
Andy: Did you have a one night stand with any of them?
Andrew: Yeah.
Andy: Demi?
Andrew: No.
Andy: Do you ever get together with any of the other Brat Packers?
Andrew: Yes, but the reunion was pushed back because one of our members is in rehab again. So we’re pushing that back for another month.

With whom did Andrew McCarthy have a one night stand? Which Brat Packer is currently in rehab?
Popular Guesses: One night stand: Ally Sheedy; Still in rehab: Demi (sad)

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