This post is not about Nicole Scherzinger

Katheryn Hudson Shows Her Obama Support via Nail Art

We’ve already talked about how certain celebrities, like Stacey Dash and Snoop Dogg may not be the best political endorsers. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t stars who make good and sincere spokespersons for candidates. Katy Perry performed at a fundraiser for President Obama in L.A. on Sunday night, along with Earth, Wind and Fire. She was super excited about it, tweeting, “Today I am so honored to play for the President!” Sadly, Obama himself had to leave right before the big performance because he was “whisked downtown only moments before he took the stage.” But he did give the performers major props saying, “My understanding is it was an incredible show. They just perform flawlessly night after night. I can’t always say the same.” A node to the debate, perhaps? But this story isn’t so much about the performance, or what he thought of it — it’s about what Katy did *zing *yes, we’re book-nerds. We know how Katy is the Queen of manicures, which inspired us to even make a game about celebrity nail-art, earlier this month. She just keeps the crazy nails coming — the picture on the right is what she got done for her performance. The caption accompanying the tweet was, “Appropriate nails.” Very appropriate nails — she has red, white and blue and Obama’s face on them. The next tweet came post her performance where she showed further support with the picture on the left, with a message saying, “I sang for President BarackObama last night because I believe in Equal Rights #ForAll #Vote.” You heard the lady!