An excuse for a Game of Thrones post - Stannis and Boy~ at the Dinard British Film Festival

Ramsay Stannis
The Dinard British Film Festival was this weekend (Oct. 3 - Oct. 7th) in France. Stephen Dillane (Stannis) was there as a judge. Iwan Rheon was in attendance for his film, Wasteland.

So we've all decided that Iwan is Ramsay right? Which makes this union amazing, since we all know what happens (or doesn't happen?) in ASOS/Winds of Winter.

A few more pictures to make this post worth it:


Potential spoilers in comments. Non-book readers be warned!

Post is an excuse to talk about season 3. And Iwan. Plus Stephen Dillane posts don't exist on ONTD and he is my FAVOURITE.

Picture Source // Dinard Website // No article, writeup by me.