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Nicki who? Mariah Carey rides a rollercoaster

The star donned platform shoes & flaunted her ring on the ride.

She spent the week at the centre of a drama-filled feud with fellow American Idol judge Nicki Minaj.

But Mariah Carey on Saturday left her work worries behind as she soaked up the sun on a family day out with husband Nick Cannon and their adorable twins. '

The 42-year-old singer was spotted laughing and joking with little Monroe and Moroccan as they enjoyed the theme park adventures on the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles.

Mariah wore a bright red dress that clung to her ample curves for a Family Day event at the attraction, hosted by husband Nick.

The America's Got Talent M.C. was dressed down in a T-shirt, cargo shorts and sneakers, and made plenty of time to bond with his family and pose for pictures.

Eighteen-month-old Monroe was adorable in a white dress and matching glasses, while her brother was dapper in a blue sweater and khaki pants.

Mariah and Nick also took time out from their parenting duties to ride a roller coaster, jumping in the first car together as they whizzed over the boardwalk and caught a glimpse of the ocean.

The proud parents also caused a sensation as they walked along the pier with their children and security team. mobbed by countless adoring fans

The sweet family scenes are a stark contrast with Mariah's seemingly ongoing feud with fellow American Idol judge Nicki Minaj.

The women were caught on camera yelling at each other this week, with Nicki spewing profanities at Mariah, while fellow judges Keith Urban and Randy Jackson attempted to calm the situation.

The leaked video - obtained by TMZ - starts mid-argument, with Nicki verbally sparring with Mariah at the judges' tables during a taping on Tuesday in North Carolina.

Though the audio is muffled, the rapper can be heard shouting: 'I told them I'm not f****** putting up with her f****** highness over there. Figure it the f*** out. Figure it out.'

She continues: 'I'm not gonna sit here every f****** minute to have you come down and harass me every minute, everyday,' while country music star Keith tries to calm her down.

Carey can be heard off camera, imploring 'why, why, why,' and expressing her desire to spend time with her children instead of arguing. Minaj fires back, 'Good, well then go see them now. Go see them now!'

After video of the incident was leaked online, Mariah spoke to newswoman Barbara Walters and revealled she would be hiring extra security, accusing Nicki of threatening to shoot her.

The rapper has denied the claims.

Still, the singer was spotted arriving for American Idol auditions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Friday with a police escort, several bodyguards and minders in tow.

Mariah's husband has meanwhile attempted to diffuse the situation, telling TMZ the whole incident has been blown out of proportion.

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