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Here go Hell Come

Fan fiction allows teenagers to explore their sexuality freely

Far from being overheated schoolgirl fantasy, fan fiction is an inventive antidote to a PR-obsessed entertainment industry

Next month, 16-year-old Emily Barker publishes her first novel, Loving the Band. Barker was commissioned by Penguin to write the book after it discovered her One Direction fan fiction. Fan fiction is a craze that's almost as old as the web itself, but is currently in the spotlight because EL James admitted she started out writing Twilight fan fiction before she changed the names Bella and Edward to Anastasia and Christian Grey and ended up writing the most successful sex book since Purple Ronnie's Guide to Doing It. Publishers believe they have found the next big thing in Barker's tales of boyband trysts.

For those who still read proper books, fan fiction – particularly its romance-heavy strand slash fiction – is a self-publishing phenomenon where amateur authors and tween pop superfans write sexy stories about the celebrities they are obsessed with. It's a dark genre where Justin Bieber and Draco Malfoy canoodle on a moonlit Quidditch pitch and the members of One Direction like to five-way spoon. Read more...Collapse )
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