Niall who? Louis Walsh to Hook George Shelley Up with Demi Lovato

One Direction replacement Union J member, George, has the hots for Demi - and Louis will give him her number.

X Factor UK judge Louis Walsh has told X Factor boyband member (Union J) George Shelley, 19, that he will hook him up with X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato by giving him her number.

Walsh appeared at the X Factor USA auditions for two days in Kansas, when Simon Cowell was off sick.

Speaking to his boybands GMD3 and Union J, Walsh said, "Do you boys like Britney Spears, I'll tell you about her later."

George Shelley, who was added to Union J at Judges' Houses, replied: "Demi Lovato is the one I like."

Easy peasy. Louis Walsh, feeble though he may seem, is one of the most well connected men in The Biz, and told George he could hook them up without a care in the world.

Walsh responded: "Do you? I'll give you her number. I will, I've got it. I can sort that out."

Meanwhile, the X Factor UK judge defended the show against criticism that it was suffering from fatigue and that falling ratings were a result of poor acts.

Remaining defiant, Walsh said: "The standard is higher this year. We have all genres of music, every category is strong, everything is really strong. It's the best X Factor ever."

Source S2