Ben Affleck on his "Wonder Sperm" and "Wonder Penis"

"I have a Wonder Member...a Wonder Piece...a Wonder Johnson."

While he’s doing the interview circuit, Ben is fielding a lot of questions about his wife Jennifer’s Garner’s comment on Ellen that he has “wonder sperm,” and can just look at her and get her pregnant.

We previously saw an hilarious clip from Access Hollywood of Ben being blindsided by the “wonder sperm” question. He got flustered and it was obvious that his wife hadn’t told him ahead of time that she said that.

In an new appearance on The Tonight Show, Ben told the whole wonder sperm story, and admitted that he had no idea about his wife’s comment until he hit the press circuit and was asked about it repeatedly.

“What she meant was ‘wonder member,’” Ben said sheepishly. The Argo actor/director continued to drive the point, saying, “I have a ‘wonder piece’ — a ‘wonder johnson’ … I’m trying to do it on TV. You know what I mean? It’s a PG [show].”

Source S2