Dean Geyer talks shirtless Glee audition

Talk about a potentially very awkward introduction.

Lea Michele first met Glee's new hottie Dean Geyer without his shirt on—at his audition!

"It was my fourth or fifth audition and it was nerve-racking," says Geyer, 26, who joined the show this season as Brody. "It was on set so they had all the lighting and cameras set up and the director there. I met everyone and Lea for like 30 seconds and they were like, 'Can we have your shirt off, please.'"

Yes, it was the scene in which Rachel meets Brody for the first time when he's in nothing but a towel.

"It was good that we go to play around with it during the audition," Geyer said. "It really set the tone for the day and set the chemistry for me and Lea."

No surprise, Geyer says he's received some hate tweets from Finchel fanatics.

He smiled, "I don't mind being the person who gets to mix things up."

And neither do we—especially when you're shirtless.