New DEGRASSI promo!

though boy is technically not a boy... um. and i can't with this niners lover square jfc

DEGRASSI RETURNS OCTOBER 12th at its old timeslot of 9pm EST!
Fall Episodes:
1221-22 Building A Mystery
Becky begins to fall for Adam and worries about how her conservative parents will react. Meanwhile, Bianca urges Drew to reconnect with his mom. At a loss for film ideas, Eli is desperate for creative inspiration.
1223-24 Doll Parts (Part 1 of Doll Parts will be Degrassi's 300th Episode :'))
1225-26 I Want It That Way
1227-28 Tonight, Tonight (Believed to be the episode where Chaz Bono guest stars)

Spring Episodes (Return Date TBA)
1229-30 Lovefool
1231-32 Bitter Sweet Symphony
1233-34 Ray of Light
1235-36 Karma Police
[Spoiler (click to open)]Some huge event [possibly drianca wedding] was filmed in the Ray of Light/Karma Police block. The cast tweeted pictures of themselves on set with some formal attire on. Or it could just be prom but I doubt it.

1237-38 Zombie
1239-40 It's the End of The World As We Know It (Writers have confirmed graduation is at the end of this season.)

One more week... :D