Eric Dane honored with 'Grey's Anatomy' montage on ‘Ellen’

Eric Dane has been on Grey’s Anatomy for years, but this week is his final episode on the show. Known as "McSteamy," the man who played the character Dr. Mark Sloan, won’t be back on set as his character was killed last week. On Wednesday during the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dane dished on the final scene which was him lying in a hospital bed while the cast of characters give their final good-byes.

"I brought my iPad and a couple of books and I laid in bed for 12 hours,” said Eric Dane on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He was discussing how he shot the last scenes before his time was done on Grey’s Anatomy.

With a final performance all the fans are sad to see the sexy actor go. However, before he left, Eric Dane was given a beautiful montage of some of the best moments on Grey’s Anatomy. Well, technically it was only two moments, but both were worthy of being repeated as it was the reason that Dr. Sloan got his nickname in the first place.

Take a look at the video clip of Eric Dane and check out the montage of Dr. Sloan’s more shirtless moments on the show.