EXCLUSIVE: Freida Pinto as Osama Bin Laden's Sex Slave??

Controversial best selling author and former Osama Bin Laden Sex Slave, Kola Boof, has revealed that Hollywood Studio Lionsgate wants to cast freida pinto in her biopic titled 'Osama and the Sex Slave' with Adrien Brody playing Osama's role.This film is based on her book 'Diary of a Lost Girl' But Ms.boof wants only kerry washington or Naomi campbell to play her onscreen. Liongate executives seems to have rejected her choice saying they are both too old for the role.In her Interview to NthWord ,she has expressed her outrage about this casting and branded hollywood as racist.

Here are some excerpts from this interview:

Recently you expressed your frustration over the potential casting for a movie to be made from your autobiography??

Yes! We have three different companies interested in making a film of my experiences as Osama Bin Laden's mistress in 1996. To my shock, an executive at Lionsgate films wants the Indian actress Freida Pinto to play me. I'm chocolate skinned with African hair mind you. So I find it the epitome of Western Colorism—wanting to have this woman who looks nothing like a Black person portray me. The studio executive said that I'm biracial, which technically is true, so he feels that an Egyptian-Sudanese woman could look like Freida Pinto. But it's so insulting and hurtful.

What they're saying is that Black women aren't beautiful. People still find it shocking that I was Bin Laden's pick for degrading rape—but they don't find it shocking that Prince Charles chose Camilla Parker Bowles over Princess Diana or that Monica Lewinsky isn't exactly a raving beauty.

Dark skinned women are portrayed as fat maids, drug addicts, prostitutes and jolly comics. Those images are created on purpose to fit white people's fear of dark skinned wombs and their power to create more authentically black people. This intense form of racism that even Black men participate in perpetuating is why so many Black women wear fake hair and bleach their skin. Black men only care about racism when it's aimed at the black penis--they care nothing for the fate of their dark mothers. This is a struggle that Black women face completely alone.

On the other end of your question is the fact that supermodel Naomi Campbell wants to play me. I was overjoyed to be contacted from her representatives in Russia, her fiancé’s production company. I don't think she can act, but she certainly has the personality and the look to be convincing as Kola Boof. I'm a huge fan of Naomi's.

PS: Interestingly,according to Kola Boof, Hollywood Studios also wants to cast Freida Pinto or Jessica Alba in an another film based on her latest book “The Sexy Part of the Bible”. Here is what she said : "My latest book, “The Sexy Part of the Bible,” was recently sent to Hollywood studios for consideration as a movie and I’m getting an interesting though hurtful response. Though in literary circles the book has been praised by the Boston Globe, Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist and features a charcoal-skinned supermodel who discovers she’s a clone and starts her own country—one studio executive said he’d love to “see it financed as a musical” with Indian actress Frieda Pinto or Jessica Alba cast as Eternity the clone


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