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Are Nail Polish Companies Going to Start Fighting for Celeb Placement Because of the Red Carpet Mani-Cam?

The big story at the Emmys this year wasn’t the winners (who did win? I can’t even remember) It was the new technology that E! unveiled on the red carpet: The mani cam. As a beauty editor who has spent countless hours–nay, days–trying to enlarge red carpet pictures of celebs to get a look at their manicures, this is a welcome addition to televised red carpet coverage. Turns out it’s a welcome addition for nail polish companies, too.

Basically celebs at the Emmys were asked to stick their hands in a mailbox-sized contraption for a close-up look at their nails and jewelry. Thus the talk naturally turned to nail polish: “What color are you wearing?” And yes–stars named names, much to the delight of beauty companies everywhere.

A spokesperson for OPI told WWD that while they couldn’t necessarily quantify how the mani-cam affected sales, she would expect it to encourage people to buy the same colors their favorite celebs are wearing.

E! said they’re definitely going to continue mani-cam coverage–so can we expect a lot of nail one-upmanship on the red carpet? Certainly seems that way–just when we thought nail art couldn’t get more popular. And you can bet nail polish companies will vie to get their names and products out there on starlets’ digits.

That $250,000 Azature black diamond nail polish that Kelly Osbourne wore and name-checked certainly benefited from the exposure. The founder, Azature Pogosian, said the $25 version of the polish (alas, there is only one $250k version) sold out in LA.

Think about all the potential trickle down: manicurists, jewelers, and don’t forget the dermatologists who will now have to do laser treatments on people’s hands to make them look younger.

Truly, the nail industry is rubbing its well-manicured hands together in delight.


What color are your nails rocking right now, ONTD?