Hugh Jackman Ass-umes the Position

Hugh Jackman DILFing It Up at Bondi

It's such a good picture, how about we take another look at it...

Those abs looked photoshopped in the Wolverine photo released yesterday. No photoshop in candids...

Time for some muscle worship...

veins... I only like veins on cocks that I'm sucking...

I really wanted to photoshop someone giving him head in this photo, but I couldn't decide who to put in there...

I'm sure that hand is in the sleeve of the wetsuit, but I'll pretend he's rubbing his cock.

More cute dad stuff

That back, the joy he gives his daughter. What a DILF.

So cute

So tempting to photoshop Ava out and someone in Hugh's ass... so inappropriate, right?

Let's put those photos into motion

Could grate cheese on those abs

The blond guy is sitting with the wife (Deb). Not sure if it is the trainer he's been working with or another friend. No face pictures.

I'm sure the chick in the brown in the foreground is all "Helloooo Hugh Jackman Nurse!"
Hi Deb!

Deb is the luckiest woman in the world, and she knows it.

Source: ASL
A little on the veiny side for me, but daaaaaaamn I would take the rugburn on my face and ass. No offense to his wife. Not my best commentary, I'm way out of practice.