Cameron Diaz: Future Mrs Cruise?

Tom Cruise would reportedly love to be "more than friends" with Cameron Diaz.

The Hollywood star is single following his divorce from Katie Holmes, while Cameron is also not dating anyone at the moment.

The two stars are good friends, with Tom recently attending Cameron’s 40th birthday party.

It’s now been claimed things could get more serious between the pair.

“Tom and Cameron get on really well. Tom thinks Cameron is beautiful, intelligent and a lot of fun. He’d love for them to be more than friends,” an insider claimed to the British edition of Grazia.

“Tom’s felt so low since his divorce and Cameron’s company has really cheered him up.”

The two stars have teamed up together several times on the big screen, including in 2001’s Vanilla Sky and 2010 movie Knight and Day.

They have a solid friendship, which is what Cameron is concentrating on at the moment.

“Cameron loves spending time with Tom, but in many ways she sees him as a brother figure,” the insider explained.

“At the moment she’s just enjoying reconnecting with an old friend.” 


Nooo Cameron don't do it! She fits the brunette-blonde-brunette-blonde pattern but not the age pattern so idk