Kat Graham (Perfection) Post

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Gearing up for some promotional travel, Kat Graham showed up at LAX International Airport this morning (September 24).

The “Vampire Diaries” dame dressed pretty conspicuously in a gold studded camouflage jacket with a leather cap and platform boots as she strolled past some shutterbugs.

In a recent interview, Kat chatted about the upcoming season of her hit CW show, including what’s up with her character Bonnie.

"A lot of the beginning of the first few episodes of season four is all about transition and new decisions and new directions [for all of the characters]," she began.

"I think that Bonnie will forever try and stand by Elena. I also think that Bonnie is also going to be in a predicament of her own very soon, and she's going to have to be making decisions that are often for Elena but are also off in her own direction. She's not her powers, you know?"

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