Honest Trailers: MARVEL's THE AVENGERS

Most of us will agree that The Avengers was a damn fine piece of superhero cinema, but as we also know, elements of the movie came in for a bit of criticism at the same time, and there were a few vocal detractors. But hey, what movie escapes that? The thing is, with The Avengers fans tend to get a bit tetchy when anyone points to a flaw, and with that in mind, Screen Junkies have focused their latest Honest Trailer on highlighting a few of em - that is, if you agree that they ARE flaws? Have a look and sound off in the usual place..

Fan Artist Exemplifies Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN Test Footage with Motion Storyboards

While Marvel Studios has a full slate of cinematic ventures forthcoming, mostly sequels with the exception of Guardians of the Galaxy, many fans are eager to see the potential of Edgar Wright's Ant-Man finally grace the silver screen. And that potential was teased during Marvel's panel at San Diego Comic Con this year where a test reel that Wright secretly directed was shown exclusively. And while many description are online, a talented artist that goes by Samurai Jack has drawn storyboards giving a rough representation by memory, having seen the reel during its Comic-Con screening. Check out the storyboards in motion below via ShartimusPrime.

and the new poster

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