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Star sentenced to pay fines by state lawyer

After the delayed concert at the swedish Hultsfred fesitval, police arrested the singer Pete Doherty. During the concert, he was showing signs of being under the influence of drugs and the police was called to the scene. The blood-test taken showed traces of cocaine in his blood.

"Pete Doherty was a bit docile and incoherent," says Ulf Karlsson at the Kalmar police to aftonbladet.se. "He was looking quite exhausted when he arrived to the station, just like anybody who has just been suspected for that kind of crime." After the bloodtests had been taken, there was a short interrogation at the police station. "He didn't give us much to work on," Ulf Karlsson says. State lawyer set the fine to 450 kronor a day, plus a the mandatory extra 500 kronor that goes to the fund created to support victims of crime.

Pete Doherty was able to leave the Hultsfred police station after only a few hours. After several weeks of speculation about whether the scandalous singer would even show up a Hultsfred, he and his band Babyshambles arrived in the nick of time for the concert, delayed by what they explained to be problems with the transportation. The concert started at 3AM, and was described as "messy". Microphones and various instruments were thrown into the audience and Pete himself seemed quite perplexed about the whole situation.


Doherty taken to arrest by customs at Arlanda - Concert at Hultsfred severely delayed

Pete Doherty got stuck at the customs at Arlanda. His band babyshambles was severely delayed for the concert at the Hultsfred festival last night. "The swedish customs can fuck off," Pete allegedly shouted angrily.

Despite the fact that Pete Doherty, age 27, spent time at a rehabilitation center in Portugal only a week ago, the scandalous rock singer doesn't seem to have been able to stay off drugs. When he arrived at Arlanda airport last night he was, according to several eyewittnesses, obviously under the influence of something - and was pushed through customs in a wheelchair. He was stuttering and acted "bizarre". After a while, he fell out of the wheelchair and was crawling around on the floor, one witness tells aftonbladet.se. "When I took a picture he gave me the finger and said 'You have to pay to take my picture'," the witness continues.

Pete Doherty was acting, according to reports, "disagreeable" towards airport security and was therefor taken to arrest by the customs. "They weren't planning on taking him at first, but he was acting in such a way that they were forced to," once source tells aftonbladet.se. Doherty was searched through by airport security and was forced to open his luggage. "I can confirm that we have performed a routine search of his luggage. I can't say any more than that," Antti Revonkorpi, chief commander at the swedish airport security says to aftonbladet.se. At approximately 1AM, Doherty was smuggled out to a waiting private plane at terminal 3. "He was indignant and said that "the swedish customs can fuck off", he thought that he had been mistreated," one source tells aftonbladet.se.

At 01.59 AM he landed at Hultsfred and was driven to the festival ground. According to witnesses he still seemed under the influence of something - but in a good mood. At 3AM this morning, about an hour delayed, he was standing at the Pampas stage at Hultsfred. "I'm sorry that we're late, but I got stuck in the swedish customs," Doherty said. Then he did an obscene gesture to show his disapproval. The following concert was described as "messy and completely insane." Doherty was rolling around on the stage floor, threw his guitar to the audience - and himself as well after a while.


A spectacle - in the negative sense. Pete Doherty: a broken addict trying to manage yet another day at work.

Yeah, he showed up. Pete Doherty even managed to find he right stage. And it was an unforgivable concert. Location: Pampas, Hultsfred. Audience: the area is filled to the brim. At least before the concert starts. Lenght: about an hour. Best: "Down in the Albion" and "Fuck forever". Worst: The concert isn't really a grand musical experience, to be honest. Question: and now what?

Pete stumbles in from the left. He is wearing weird clothes and has a swedish flag in his hat. It takes a good while until they start playing the first song, "Pipedown". Pete has to curse the swedish customs before they can get started. And Pete Doherty falls off the stage in less than eight minutes. And it takes about eight minutes until the band and surrounding guards can get him back up again. Doherty gets back up, curses the swedish customs and continues to stutter through the setlist. Once in a while, he performes a song that reminds me of that focus and edge that defined babyshambles before Doherty became the wreck he is now, "Back from the dead" and the beautiful ballad "Down in the Albion" are two of those examples. Other times he just manages to scrape a quiet and thin melody on his guitar, forgets the lyrics and murmurs about forgotten heroes with a beer in his hand.

He throws out his guitar into the audience. He knocks down a tripod and breaks a microphone. And then he falls off the stage again. I pity the assistant who tries to clean up after Doherty. For example by handing him new microphones when the others break. He wears a pink shirt and has a very ungrateful job. He is working for Mr Bean from hell. The audience is laughing at the fallen hero, the drug addict who can't even stand straight. And no, the concert isn't great. It's far from great. But it's a spectacle worth seeing where the myth - the cocaine, the models, the rehabs, the needles, the scandals, the headlines - gets in the way of the music. The audience around me is laughing at and not with Pete Doherty. Others call him a hero. And the majority shrugs and leave the area. All I see is how a broken addict tries to manage another day at work. When "Fuck Forever" finishes, babyshambles throws their instruments down, wave and leave the stage. It's 4 o'clock in the morning. The sun rises and the birds chipper. But Pete Doherty is still standing there on the stage, tied up in microphone wires. He doesn't really know where to go or what to do. He's stuck.


At Arlanda airport:

Arriving at Hultsfred:

Pete falling off the stage:

To be honest, a lot of this is making me quite sad. Especially those who are trying to make him seem like a "hero". This guy needs some serious help. Yeah and sorry about the crappy translation; these are from swedish newspaper and my english sucks.

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