Project Runway: I Get a Kick Out of Fashion (episode 10.10)

THE CHALLENGE: Design a costume for the Radio City Rockettes, to be worn in an upcoming appearance.
GUEST JUDGE: Debra Messing
(instead of, you know, an actual Rockette...)
THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: designing for dancers, everyone in audience should be able to see the design (i.e., don't make it look like shit for the people in the back)
MISC INFO: designers were given a chance to go back to Mood for more fabric/supplies with $100 extra to spend. Ven, Dmitry, and Fabio chose to not partake. designers had 2 days for the challenge, but had to leave day 1 early to go out to dinner, where bridges were mended via wine.


Sonjia Williams

Melissa Fleis

Fabio Costa

Dmitry Sholokhov

Christopher Palu

Ven Budhu

Elena Slivnyak

TOP: Dmitry, Christopher
BOTTOM: Melissa (? -- the judges liked and didn't like it), Elena, Sonjia, Ven


Origami Rose Ven

NEXT WEEK: Heidi employs slave labor for her baby line at Babies-R-Us by asking the designers to design shit for her. Also, they have to take care of Home Ec babies. Hilarity to ensue?


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