Howard Stern’s crystal clear explanation of how Mitt Romney made his fortune

King of all media, Howard Stern, HATES Mitt Romney.

Stern recently discussed why he won’t be voting for Romney on his satellite radio show. Taking his cue from Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi’s bare-knuckled take down of Romney’ rep as a “good businessman,” Stern does a good job of summarizing the dirty dealings that allowed Romney to amass his vast fortune.

“Bain…His whole background at Bain is so deplorable, I’m not sure that he shouldn’t be in jail.”

I call your attention, in particular, to the point that “Baba Booey” makes around the 7:30 mark about who got paid first when Romney and his Bain buddies picked these companies clean…

Here’s the original article that Stern refers to:
Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital (Rolling Stone)

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