Brad Pitt Producing a Film to Expose How IBM Helped the Nazis

Hollywood leading man Brad Pitt is preparing to produce a movie that will examine the role played by computer giant IBM in the Holocaust. The film – in which Pitt may star as well – will be based on the popular book by Edwin Black, IBM and the Holocaust.

Set to be produced through Pitt’s Plan B production company, the movie’s script will be penned by Marcus Hinchey; it is still not clear who will direct the project

Black’s revealing book, which was published in 2001 and became a New York Times best-seller, offered an in-depth study of Thomas Watson, who served as IBM’s chief executive during the years of World War II. Based on evidence he uncovered through extensive research, Black alleged that Watson created a “strategic alliance” with Nazi Germany, and employed its computer processing punch card system to enable the Germans to identify Jews under Nazi domain in an expedited manner.

Pitt, who is the father of six children with fiancée Angelina Jolie, claims he has no qualms about making movies that his children are unable to view at this time. “I’m actually more interested in the films that they’re going to enjoy when they’re adults,” he said.


Four for you Brad. I wish more companies would come clean on how they helped the ones doing evil through out history.
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