Miss USA's mom says her daughter & Reezy would be a "perfect match", sounds parched while doing so

He’s won five gold medals and she’s won a crown — and if it were up to Miss USA’s mother, her daughter and Ryan Lochte would be a winning couple too.

“It’s a perfect match because he’s Mr. USA,” exclaimed 20-year-old beauty pageant stunner, Olivia Culpo‘s mother Susan Culpo to Celebuzz.

The handsome Olympian and the gorgeous brunette sparked rumors of a romance after they were spotted together during New York Fashion Week. In fact the 28-year-old swimmer was so smitten he told E!; ”She is beautiful. I love hanging out with her. She has a great sense of humor. She makes me laugh.”

What does Olivia’s mother think of Ryan’s adoration for her daughter?

The mother of the Rhode Island beauty, who told The New York Post they were just friends, admits Lochte’s reaction is common when it comes to her daughter; “He’s not the only one who comes across Olivia and has that reaction.

“He can get in line,” Susan said laughing. “You know, he’s not so bad looking himself.”

She says her daughter met Lochte by chance and to her knowledge they haven’t stayed in touch. But if they were to get together, she admits it would be like a dream come true.

“It’s almost too much because it would be like a fairytale.

“I’m sure he’s busy and so is she. But it would be sweet if it were a romance.”

Lochte hasn’t been shy about his celebrity crushes, admitting to Celebuzz that newly-married Blake Lively and an engaged Carmen Electra were high on his list.

He also told E! that when it comes to Culpo, “she has something” and her mother thinks just the same of Lochte.

“It actually would be nice [if they were a couple],” she said. “He’s so popular and everyone wants to have a piece of him.”