Say goodbye to free Syrups and Soy

New and improved Starbucks Rewards program

The Starbucks Rewards program has been changed for the better or bad? It has the following changes, most of them are good:

* No more annoying cards.
* You get free drinks after every 12 stars.
* Rewards can be used for both drinks as well as for food.
* Free Birthday drink or Free Food item
* No free syrups and soy, or a free tall beverage with a whole bean purchase.

Starting on Oct. 16, Gold members will earn a free reward every 12 transactions instead of every 15 and now you’ll be able to redeem that free reward for a free drink or any food item. The new “Free Food” benefit applies to nearly all food, including muffins, scones, oatmeal, pastries, breakfast sandwiches and snacks of all sorts are all included. But so are bistro boxes, wraps and paninis. We are excited to be able to give our customers this flexibility in their rewards.

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