Ann Romney... I mean Dina Lohan Flips Off Dr. Phil in Bizarre Interview

Dina Lohan’s shocking interview with Dr. Phil McGraw was such a disaster that instead of answering the host’s questions she simply flipped him the bird when she didn’t like the questions and has video of her inappropriate actions.

“Can I ask you some questions, and you answer them, not in television speak but just answer them honestly?” Dr. Phil asks of Lindsay Lohan’s mother, who bizarrely is fidgeting and giggling through the interview.

Dr. Phil hits a brick wall when trying to get Dina to suitably answer a query.

“You spent more time talking about cameras, are we rolling…that’s my business...we’re not here about my business, we’re here about your life." He slams Dina’s actions and that’s when she flips him off.

“What you have done is distinguished yourself in the negative, you have come on here and been phony and inauthentic,” Dr. Phil says and Dina puts up both middle fingers to the cameras and says “sorry.”


Video @ Source. lol @ "dr." phil being the voice of reason.