Lindsay Lohan Films A Sex Scene With Charlie Sheen

Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan refused to start filming 'Scary Movie 5' because she was worried about her public image. However, the controversial actress has now turned up on set to film a sex scene with Charlie Sheen.

The 26-year-old actress seemed at ease with her infamous co-star despite their bedroom scene featuring a kinky S&M collar and a kiss.

"They were ad-libbing. They were joking that they've both had a lot of issues over the past couple of years," a source told the New York Post.

"They even "shared some playful pillow talk during shooting."

Another source said, "Lindsay was a great sport. She was poking fun at herself, and she really got into it and seemed to enjoy it. Lindsay was scared by a sound effect (during filming), and actually jumped into Charlie's arms. But everything went smoothly and surprisingly on schedule."